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Renaissance Tour at Vadstena Castle

This is our classic tour of the castle! In this tour you are accompanied by a guide in historic garments that represent one of the royalties that have acted at the castle through the ages. The guide talks about the history of the castle, and guides you through the festive halls and private suites.

In the 16th century it became more important with international acknowledgement and the country's regents of the past time - The Vasa Family - needed follies to show off for the royal houses of Europe. In Vadstena there was a modern fortress that Johan III rebuilt into a mighty renaissance castle. 
With Johan III, Karl IX or princess Cecilia Vasa as your guide you not only get impressions from the 16th and 17th century when you walk through the autenthic halls of the castle. You get to learn about the history of the castle and the stories about what has took place in the festive halls  and the private suites, how the life could look like in the castle and personal stories from the royalty.

This tour is available for individual visitors from July 8 -  August 20 at 12.30, monday - sunday in english.

Welcome to Vadstena Castle!


Contact information

Visit Vadstena
Hamngatan 4, Nya slottsbron
59230 Vadstena
Phone: +46 143 621600
Organizer: Visit Vadstena



130 SEK adults
120 SEK senior citizen/student (show valid certificate)
90 SEK youths (8 - 17 years old)

Free of charge for children under 7 years old

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Information about accessibility
The bus stop is situated just behind the castle



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