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Åtvidabergs Bruks- och Facitmuseum

The center of the Eco museum and a good start before your tour around the neighborhood.
Bersbo gruvlave 2001 72 px

Bersbo Minefield

In Bersbo they mined copper ore from the Middle Ages to 1902.

The Mining tower is still there today.
Mormorsgruvan 2

Mormors Mine

In Mormors Mine they mined copper ore from the Middle Ages to the late 1870s.
Kvarnen forsaström

Forsatröms ironworks

Take a walk along the signposted route through the old industrial environment.


Storåns waterpower has pushed the small-scale industrial operations in Falerum.
In Wiaholm there is a tannery museum that is guided by prior arrangement summertime.

Risten-Lakviks railway

Here runs historical trains on one of Sweden's oldest narrow tracks. .

Stenebo Great Mine

A 85-meter stoll walk is leading up to the iron mine's main shaft.

Here you will need boots and flashlight.

Gärdserums Church

The church was built in Gothic Revival style and opened in 1857.
The architect was FW Scholander.

Överums Bruksmuseum

In the old hammer mill are both hammers and German hearth. The mill's history can be traced from the 1600s era to today's plow manufacturing.


This describes the mill's workforce, charcoal and charcoal-making methods.
Copper Authority needs good communication and its represented by 31 telegraph pedestal from 1857.