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Hotel Villan

Hotel villa is beautifully situated at Bysjön and Kopparvallen.
Here you can eat all year round with spectacular views of the lake.

Summertime you can dine outdoors on the terrace.

Lunch, a summer menu, gourmet dinner or catering.

For booking call +46 (0)120-120 08.


The Garden Hotel is beautifully situated at Bysjön and Aatvidaberg Golf Course.

The hotel is ideal for conferences, meetings, golfing or just relaxing.
For booking call:
+46 (0)120-144 40.

Yxnerum Hotel & Conference

Hotel and restaurant with outdoor swimming pool, mini golf, billiards and table tennis.
For booking call: +46 (0)120-610 22.

Åtvidaberg Hotel & Restaurant

Every day, we serve lunch between 11 - 15.30.
We also have a number of dishes as a la carte which we serve from 11:30 until we close ...
For booking call: +46 (0)120-100 90.

Cafe Mässen

Enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch on our terrace by the water.

Located in the Tourist Informations office.
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The Golfrestaurant

It brings together not just golfers to eat but the restaurant is an obvious choice for many. Fantastic views of the lake from the restaurant!
Opening hours: Mon 9-18, Tue-Fri 9-21, Sat-Sun 9-20.
For booking call: +46 (0)120-146 14.

Nysjöns Fisching and conference

In the restaurant you will be served home-cooked food and fine crayfish.
Only pre-booked groups.
For booking call: +46 (0)120-230 17.

Sandelius Café

Fresh baked 362 days a year.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30-18, Sat 8-15, Sun 9-15.
For booking call: +46 (0)120-107 00.
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MariNettes Food and Café

Café, lunch, a la carte, hamburger menu, catering.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-16, Sat 10-15, Sun 11-15.

For booking call: +46 (0)120-200 60.